May 2004

keep your pie on the road

i spy road pie.
my recommendation to you is to always carry a pie crust.
it’s ideal for wrapping roadkill.


i’ve just received a letter in our internal mail with these two post-its randomly attached to the envelope. very mysterious.
update: interestingly the contents of the letter was from (and about) Wales. makes you think …


walter is one of my colleagues. he’s been on holiday for a week and now he’d back. he’s still in the holiday mood and was pleased to model his new baseball hat.

BT tower

more ‘other side of the street’ revelations. BT tower pops up all over the place.
DSC03384.jpg DSC03385.jpg

feeding debris

here is a wall with numerous food related debris liberally abandoned. bags as far as the eye can see (when squinting in to the sun)

little hotel

on the other side of the street this morning i spotted this little sign and a tiny hotel which i walk past every morning but have never seen before.
perhaps it doesn’t really exist. But it did get an Egon mention back in 1994 (according to the sign on the door).


i walk past this church every morning and there are often homeless people on the steps waking up and doing their morning activities.
This morning (from the other side of the road) i noticed that the house next to it has a fire-escape which leads on to the church roof.
i didn’t manage to fit that building in to the photo. i imagine there’s a sign in that house which says “in emergency, go to church”.

pleased don’t notice me

“if you’ve nothing to say, then say nothing”.
How i’ve wished to shout these words at particularly boring characters in excruciatingly tedious meetings.
instead i scream at them in my mind.

the other side of the street

i decided to walk my walk to work on the opposite side of the road today. my route is finely honed and the ocasional deliberate disruption can help see things in a different way. the pavement always looks greyer on the other side, but is it ?
i can report that it’s more dangerous over there. i know the traffic light timings and zebra crossing etiquette on my normal side, but the other side of the road is a lot less predictable.
environmentally, the other side of the road is very similar to the normal side of the road. same weather conditions for most of the journey, although i did experience a lot more shade on this sunny morning (which was very welcome).
but oh the visual chaos over there. look at this collection of street frontages. black and white squares are popular but there’s no uniformity of shape or size and there’s random other flooring in there too. this mess carried on right up the street.
i suspect you could get hypnotised if you walked over this bit of street at the right speed.

walking update

a bet you’ve been wondering how far i’ve got with my walking. well the answer is 992km since i started at the beginning of February.
i read on michelle’s blog that McDonalds are giving away free Pedometers (stepometers) to Americans with their happy meals (see press release). Other blogs have picked up on this (including this one which picks up on the fat stomach angle).
i’ve done 1,224,691 steps if you are interested since i strapped on and walked off.

Currently my new boots (which i started wearing at the same time as i bought the pedometer) have cost me 6 pence per kilometer travelled.

more fun

here is kezia’s friend luke. he’s party boy adam’s brother and we were invited to their house for a secondary birthday experience.
Andy had set up a very elaborate obstacle course in the garden which esther and kezia (and luke) enjoyed hugely.
Adam chose to spend the party playing his new computer game inside which is fair enough. he is a boy after all.

freezing fun

it’s a little bit chilly today. too cold for just a t-shirt. you’re better off with a light jumper in my opinion.
certainly the place NOT to be is in the padling pool which is filled up with cold water !


esther spotted this glove on the fence next to our church. she was very excited at her spot which could only be seen out of her window !


esther and kezia went to their friend Adam’s party this afternoon. it was at one of those massive soft play places. in this one people parents are allowed to go round with their little kids to help them.
i ended up going up slides and through rollers and ball pools with kezia whilst esther went off with the other party people.
it was most excellent and a very good way of tiring the kids out before their party tea (seen here). esther is sitting in the middle by the birthday boy !

esther the king

here is esther dressed as a king. her hat is chained to the wall so no-one steals it. it was very heavy.


here is elvis. he’s a famous local character in the town of reading. he’s also a really nice chap (despite being convinced he’s elvis). when i used to live in reading town i used to take him to nighclubs with my friend paul and we all had a fantastic time !
here he is doing an elvis pose for the website

off duty

what was i saying about the pixie people the other day (see comments) ? As soon as you believe they are there you start seeing them.
today was no exception. here is a pixie girl doing some shopping with a tin man in dungarees and a man in a skirt.

look right

it’s important to look right. if you don’t look right, chances are you’ll look wrong and it’s times like that when you ought to take a long hard look at yourself and see yourself as others see you. see ?
i’m not sure if i like the font they are using here. I think it’s RoadType Sans Serif.