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Monthly Archives: October 2007

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i took this photo whilst on the phone, so i didn’t inspect it too much.  it looked like an abandoned jumper.  watch out as at this time of year anything yellowy or browny can just drop off.



the chocolate dispensing machine at my local train station was all smashed up this morning.


this must have had a subliminal effect on me as later i decided to buy a couple of bananas from tesco’s for my breakfast instead of my usual pain of chocolates (i usually have two window’s worth).  i’ve decided i need to sort my diet out again else risk becoming ill again.  So we’ll have to see how i get on !  24 hours without chocolate so far !


always be sure to give these chaps a few quids before taking their photos.  if you do they are happy to stand still, especially if they are a statue.  this chap was genuinely on the phone though and had temporarily left his plinth to make a phone call.

not the best picture of clive, but just look at his jumper.  this week i’ve been learning about colour on my OU photo course and his jumper contains ‘harmonious colours’ around the theme of blue !


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