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Monthly Archives: June 2008

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we went to a country fayre yesterday.  kezia (second left) got to join in the country dancing


there was a go-cart race where the parent-pushers were particularly competitive (the poor children are looking on in horror !)


and everyone’s favourite family game of archery

don’t get me wrong, the bible is an amazing book almost beyond description.  as a christian i believe it contains actual words from God.  which is quite amazing when you think about it.

it’s also available online


the flagship range


popular bible


mass market bible (paperback)


pocket gift bible (for those who like to give people pockets)


Here’s Kate.  she’s the friend i mentioned at the Interesting conference who appeared on the front of Horse magazine which lead to me having the word ‘horse’ stuck in my brain which when repeated for long enough starts to lose its meaning at turn back in to sounds. 

most words do that if you say them long enough and really think about them.  it’s a bit like walking.  if you really think about what you are doing it all gets a bit tricky.

so there you go.  i wasn’t making it up !

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