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nails spas usually have really horrendous 1980s signs and graphics outside their shops, so it was interesting to see these hard built signs.  it does make you wander whether their hands approach applies to their service.

but, i guess if there’s one place you do need hands on service, it’s a nail spa


some photos from the most excellent Interesting 2008

the crowd as seen from the stage during my nightmare of comedy compering

the man who designed the (back of our) money

the impromptu recorder orchestra

a compere’s shadow


a man of faces

a man of zeotropes


this year i went to the bar after and chatted with lots of lovely people.  here are damien mulley and annie mole down t’pub after (both legendary bloggers)

i nearly ended up having to sing a song in public yesterday.  i did have a song prepared (not this one) but it was slightly too late as when i was being hassled to do it i didn’t remember i knew one.  anyway, the one above is old, but i’ve just got round to posting to YouTube.  i think i’ve blogged it before.  but you know. it’s a good un. 

it’s from the early 90s when i were a nipper.  i was known as spoonchicken (or spoon chicken) back then in the glorious town of Sheffield.


do you ever wonder what those funny little circles of metal are in the pavement you occasionally see when you walk past buildings in towns like london ?  for a long time I thought they must be sawn off railings from wartime when they needed such things to make weapons. 

but no.  they are simply boundary markers, as explained by this helpful legally aware piece of pavement.


if you ever get yourself a fancy sign made up, then i advise not putting your price on it as when inflation comes along and you have to raise your prices you’ll have to stick a sticker on it and it’ll look silly.  same goes for URLs, except with the sticker, obviously.

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