June 2008

lots of spoons


there’s been one day in your life so far when you’ve seen more spoons than any other day in your life.  i wonder when that was for me.  it’d be interesting to be able to revise your life so far with exciting statistics like that. 

i wonder what date i came in to contact with the most radiation, or had the heaviest pockets, or spoke the most words, or met the most people called Peter, or ate the most insects by accident.

what facts would you be interested in if you could find anything mundane about your life so far ?

follow the yellow brick road


the barbican is famous for its yellow lines which even the most lost person can follow to find freedom from its grey walls.


i’m sure there are more comedy reasons why they have yellow lines, but i’m all out of comedy thinking at the moment.


psycho buildings


the girls, jane’s mum and me went up to london yesterday to go to the Psycho Buildings exhibition at the Hayward Gallery


we got there for 10am and had no trouble getting on the boating lake which is set up on the roof




the rest of the exhibition was excellent too and i can highly recommend it.  we also got in half price thanks to a 2 for 1 offer .  And the kids went free.  bargain


afterwards we went to look at the graffiti near Waterloo bridge (i’m saving those photos for another post)