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Monthly Archives: January 2009

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fast dentures for fast talkers.  or fast eaters.  and duplicate dentures are lovely for his ‘n’ hers types.


this reminds me of one of my best/worst ever finds here from my teeth category.  ah  good times


i saw two signs that christmas was properly over last week.  a santa hat in a bin, and a branch less tree wandering naked in to the street.


we’ve still got 6 christmas cards stuck to a door in our house, so it’s not quite all over for us yet





this funny building is center point’s rotund cousin.  you can even see center point in the background below


no idea what it’s called of course.  that would involve some reasearch.  ho hum


this chap is the internet.  or at least that’s what his head proclaimed. 

he looked a bit worried when i took his photo, but when i said i loved his hat he was very pleased.  and we left it at that.

perhaps he’s one of those ‘internet of people’ that we used to hear about.

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