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June 2005


queuing to watch telly

here’s a teeny bit of the queue of people waiting to get a ticket to watch Live8 on the telly in Hyde Park.


well, the hassocks are flying in fast and furious. i’ve already got 40-odd lined up for you and i know of at least 3 more rich seams.
to pace myself i’ll try and give you one per week.

free wireless hotspot

it was hot this evening so i walked back from a work event in Westminster to Paddington Station. Unfortunately it took ages to cross Hyde Park as they’ve built a concert venue all over it.
today loads of great bands had been playing as part of the Wireless Festival. I went by around 9pm and Keene were about to play. i’m not too keen on them (clever ey?) but i do love the Secret Machines who were also playing. i would also liked to have seen Supergrass and the Bunnymen.
but this was all academic as i didn’t go in. But i did walk past this spot on the perimeter where people were sitting watching the big screens on the side of the stage !

mad weather

what IS going on with the british weather ? quite bonkers at the moment. even by our standards.

through the kaleidoscope

kezia has a little kaleidoscope type thing which can simulate the effect of halucinogenic drugs in a child friendly way.
i held it against my camera lense and came up with thes quick shots.
orange kezia:

sure you could probably do something fancier digitally, but i liked the randomness and speedyness of the process.
angel kezia:

esther’s last easter egg

esther made her easter eggs last so long that her last big egg has gone out of date. she decided not to eat it.
but i decided we couldn’t throw it away and i ate it instead.
it was this blog post that made me do it !


strange dog and another dog sign site

here is a strange dog. it’s legs don’t look right to me. but then i know little about much.
on a related note, i got an email from Sergei, the chap that runs this website. it’s another collection of dog signs and there’s surprising little overlap between our two sites !

sumo swings

kids play grounds are marvellous. this one even has a swing for sumo wrestlers.

kezia said to jane “can i have a go on the pants swing”. great minds think alike.
i obviously have the same outlook as a three year old.