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March 2004

page 56

DSC01870.jpg DSC01870number.jpg
and here is one with a number which was too far to get to. but i will track it down and find its number:

things behind glass

i walked past the box last march (!) and this time it was empty as the actors were having a break. or perhaps they had just given up and gone home.
and here is a Bible in a glass box outside a church:

unlucky fashion

you spend all morning thinking what to wear and you walk out in to the street and there’s someone wearing exactly the same computer advert as you. ho hum.

easter is coming

you can tell easter is on the way. i spotted my first easter card growing wild in a flower bed this morning.


does anyone actually wear a cloak these days ? they’re all probably packed away with monacles and cravats in a box marked ‘dandy’

theatrical treat

we took esther to the west end last night to see joseph and his amazing technicolour draincoat. it was very good. tuesdays are half price.
first we had some food
DSC01838.jpg DSC01839.jpg
then we went to the theatre

baby poo and tiny baby

here are two of kezia’s babies: poo and tiny.
(i took this on my negative day but forgot to post them)


people ask why i don’t drink tea or coffee and prefer to stick to hot water.
it’s not easy and sometimes i really crave for a nice blend of glucose syrup and vegetable fat to whiten my drink. instead i use tippex (or another generic brand of white paint based correct fluid)
what is vegetable fat ? sprout blubber ?


why not invent a new device and call it an underscope ?

more minis

i saw the minis again this morning. they’ve got unique numbers on. today’s were 33 and 265. let’s see if we can find all 350.