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If you still need your fill of funkypancake goodness, check out these places:

Dave Simpson Photography Blog (mainly commercial and live music shots)

My editorial photos on Getty Images

Auckland Streets Instagram (most like traditional funkypancake shots, but mostly with people)

Dave Simpson photography Instagram (some of my favourite live music shots)


remember when they nearly stopped the wispa ?   there’s a long history of wispa related stories on this blog going right back to the original proposed demise and a even a mention of funkypancake in the The Telegraph newspaper!    Have a look in the archives here:


if you are a regular visitor to the blog you may have noticed i’ve been struggling to keep up with things recently.  Combo of various factors, but all good!

i just don’t have enough time to do the blog justice i’m afraid, so although i’m photoing more things than ever my photos are ending up on a few different places instead.

So, i’m going to give myself a bit of a break and hopefully come back in a few weeks.

for now, you can keep an eye on what i’m up to at these places:

Dave Simpson Photography Blog

Auckland Streets Instagram

Dave Simpson photography Instagram

see you soon!

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[funkypancake] has a lust and zeal for life and all its quirks that those with far fewer worries in the world could be quite jealous of. From the mundane to the mad, the interesting to the absurd, [he] captures moments and objects that few of us ever notice ... and perhaps don't need to.
Dogs Today magazine - may 2005


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