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August 2007

beinn eighe visitor centre

we walked up a bit of a mountain in the rain at Beinn Eighe. There’s a great choices of walks, from the flat wheel chair nature trail through to a proper up-a-mountain trek (which was a bit too ambitious for us). there’s a nice visitor centre and good children quizzes.
instead we did the bite-size ‘quite far up the mountain, but not too bad’ one which gave us great views over loch maree
it had all your classic walking things, like stepping stones over mountain streams, before finaly getting back down to loch level.

irn bru bin

a bin for a specific product.

warning sudden drop

sudden drops aren’t welcome. they are like the sleepy jivver (jivver is jane’s word for the sudden jump that sometimes happen as you fall asleep as you do an involuntary muscle spasm).
anyway, you don’t want a sudden drop opening under you.
plenty of warnings here

alien bikers invade the castle (then go home)

we went to castle urquhart when we were in scotland, and i noticed these two bikers who were wandering round dressed identically with their biker helmets and visors down.
it was like they were some aliens invading.
i imagine if they were aliens they’d not be too impressed by our housing, and urquhart castle is quite fally-downy.
wasn’t there a doctor who episode like this ?
i think they were essentially peaceful. perhaps just stopping by for a bit of sightseeing whilst travelling between two distant planets (similar to the Italian tourists who were also there in abundance heading north through scotland)
eventually they left in peace
but i don’t think they were the only aliens as this person was wandering round with a huge hood making her look like she was from Star Wars. she followed the bikers out of the castle …

the night sun

here’s the sun in the evening taken with a very an extremely small aperture

individual cruet sets

cruets is a word like condiment which should be used more in every day life. i managed to sneak in to this picture too.

boat tour looking for dophins, sharks and whales

on the one sunny day on our scottish holiday we went on a fantastic boat trip round gairloch harbour, looking for wildlife. we were hoping to see sharks, dolphins, porpoises etc, but they weren’t about. instead we saw fantastic views out to Skye and the Outer Hebrides, as well as back in land to mountains.
we saw lots of fancy birds, and some seals (notice one in the classic banana pose)
and here is a baby seal
despite not seeing anything with fins, the trip was great. we went with the Gairloch Marine Life Centre
when we got back to shore there was a seal in the harbour doing fancy things for fish