August 2007

tourist information

jane’s aunt and uncle kindly hospitality-ised us at their house for a few days on the way up to the highlands, and again on the way back. h’auntie barb set up a mini-tourist information facility for us which was nice.

muck master

what a great name for a farm machine

first of many scottish landscape pictures

here is a sunset near helensburgh. i’ve got millions of landscape pictures from our trip up north, so just ignore them if you find them a bit tedious. i’ll try and spread them out a bit.
when you look at them, perhaps throw some iced water on your face and stand by an air-conditioner on full blow to get the true scottish effect

irn bru

as we all know, Irn Bru is Scottish Champagne
we hadn’t been in scotland long before i starting seeing evidence of irn bru. if anything we saw more than we did last time.

funkypancake presents, now available to all !

a few months ago i did a presentation at Russell Davies’ excellent interesting 2007conference. i enjoyed it immensely. and it’s now been posted on Russell’s blog
if you weren’t able to attend (or even if you did) you can now watch it here bigly
there’s a few minutes missing in the middle due to a tape change, which is quite nice as it makes the original ‘live’ version more exclusive !
thanks again to Russell for letting me present

quality helensburgh signage

lots of shops in helensburgh have dodgy signage. which is quite a high proportion as there aren’t lots of shops in helensburgh to begin with.

no trumpets

Suvi from finland (a great place i visited a few years ago before i started the blog) sent me this excellent no trumpets sign. Suvi writes:
“I thought that you might like this photograph. I took it when we went to a holiday to Sharm el Sheik (Egypt) last Marsh. I called it “No Trumpet Playing”. When I saw this sign I thought about your bloq.”

bank holiday activities

i googled for ‘bank holiday activities‘ and the second suggestion was back to funkypancake. what are the chances of that ?
anyway, jane and i used our home-alone bank holiday saturday to go up to london to visit the photography exhibition at Tate Britain then go on a guided tour of the houses of parliament.
i go in to the houses of parliament for meetings quite regularly but it was excellent to do the tourist thing and understand some of the history of the place. it was also very cool to be able to stand (we weren’t allowed to sit) in both the house of lords and house of commons in amongst the famous seats.
probably not one for little kids, but if you’re having a grown up day out in london, definitely worth an hour of your time.

bollard and a giant bobbin

this is like a giant needle and thread. sort of. if nothing else it give me a chance to use my favourite word: “bobbin”

glasgow bollard statue

Anne from I like recommended i searched out this statue and it didn’t disappoint:
“Probably the one thing right up your street in Glasgow is the equestrian statue outside GOMA which always has a police cone on its head. On a good day both horse and rider are sporting one. I keep meaning to write that up for Nothing To See Here!”
thanks anne !