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February 2010

the actual clouds


kezia noted the clouds on picture matched the clouds in the actual sky


a nice view from 200metres up a hill in the hot heat and humidity. worth it though.


bad adverts


if you are going to advertise the fact you make signs then you might want to make sure your sign has all the letters in it.  all those in favour say ‘i’.

please don’t drink outside


drinking responsibility means not drinking outside the shop.

super liquor is the shop name rather than a comment.

caution wet floor


two things to note here.  one that the sign is resting on an inflatable ring, and secondly that the shadow man’s jacket and trousers are a bit too big for him

school uniform costs


someone wasn’t impressed by the cost of uniform garb.  it was probably the ‘bucket hat’  what did it.  (or possibly the NZ Made Roman Sandal (singular i note, just like the Romans used to do as they hopped down the street)



this is where the sounds come from.  there’s a choice of some good ones here.

dangerous bus stop


sometimes you have to use military force to stop a bus

the view from harbour bridge


every morning i’m guaranteed a stunning view of Auckland over the harbour bridge as my bus goes whizzing in to town.  here’s a view of the harbour with little tubes of sunlight bursting through a cloud like a collinder.  quite fantastic.

white jandal


i was listening to a podcast recently that said that jandals were indicative of a nation’s maturity.  As countries become more affluent people start to buy jandals to cover their feet, and as the process continues they eventually move to more sophisticated shoes.

i love how kiwis are cool to stick with jandals so they don’t get above themselves.  that seems a nice national characteristic to me.

weird charity shop window


this charity shop looks fantastic but i only ever go past it when i go to wellington early in the morning so i suspect i’ll never go in which is a shame.