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April 2007

help yourself to earth

i can’t decide if this is spiritual or cosmic (like so many things in life). Is it a message for visiting aliens put there by interplanetary pacifists or a fight back by the eco-refuseniks ?




i like this picture. there’s lots of towers and things going on.

holland fun in london

kezia and i had a dad and daughter day in london yesterday. we started with pain au chocolats in paddington station, then went to london bridge, walked down through borough market, spent a couple of hours in tate modern, then went to this.
My experience of holland has always been good, and this was no exception. nice cheese (made backwards of course). And plenty of clog related activities.
kezia and i danced like loons at the silent disco with music played by this chap (note the suite hanger). he too was a purveyor of fine quality cheese

a severe warning

the penalty for parking your bike here is a beheading.

help me !

i’ve got a number of days off up to the end of June and i’m trying to think of some funkpancake-esque things to do. perhaps i’ll have ‘Urban One Day Adventures’ which might involve me wandering around somewhere taking pictures.
London is the obvious place to go as that’s quite good for photos. Russell’s done a few cool things here.
i may not bother, but i might not not.
Also, next Thursday i’ve got a full day in Edinburgh for site-seeing fun, so any specifics for there would be gratefully received !
leave ideas in the comments or drop me an email
oh, and this picture was taken by me lying slumped down a little hill thing and turned upsway down

from here to infinity

rascle has a new camera so sent me this landscape photo which he calls ‘from here to infinity’

bruggen pooping dog

mark sent me this sign of a dog doing its thing in bruggen (germany)