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Monthly Archives: August 2006

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a lovely chap walked round the pond at tintinhull gardens so the girls could draw him (and i could take some photos!). Every photographer should carry an umbrella like this with him (or take someone along to hold it on their behalf)
and here they are admiring the garden

on tuesday night i got to the hotel late and i ate my room service dinner at midnight whilst reading the ‘how to stay healthy whilst staying in hotels’ guide. strangely enough eating burger and chips, followed by brownie and ice-cream wasn’t one of their recommendations.
neither was drinking beer and eating peanuts (whilst looking out over athens) from the hotel roof bar last night.

i was a bit worried about the size of my hand baggage when arrived at heathrow for my flight to athens. i therefore decided to take evasive action and wrapped my normally very smart (ish) backpack up tightly in gaffer tape so it would definately fit the required dimensions. And it did.
Unfortunately i also wore my DM boots and spent an age in security undoing them and redoing them for their security scan !

on the first day of our holiday, which was in dorset, a few hours drive from our home, we bumped in to work colleague Mark and his family.
and the next day we were in a traffic queue on a thin road and looked at the car next to us, only to discover my cousing chris and his family were in it. they too were on holiday so we met up with them a few days later.
and then the next day, at slime regis beach, we made our pitch (blanket down, buckets out etc) and esther spotted sue and steve and their children sitting next to us !
so that was three totally unrelated friends/family on three consecutive days, all a long way from home !

i used to know Jarvis Cocker in a vague saying hello to each other if we passed in the street kind of way. he even complemented a swirly brown polyester shirt i used to wear with (missplaced) pride.
anyway, here’s an endorsement on a restaurant window in Brick Lane.

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