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Monthly Archives: August 2006

franz ferdinand
kaiser chiefs
yeah yeah yeahs
belle and sebastian
The Mystery Jets
Gogol Bordello
these photos are more to prove that i was there than offer any insight in to what the various bands actually looked like. this year i decided not to take too many photos. so i only took my small camera.
we’ve had hedgehogs, and mice and dried out frogs, but what’s this latest specimen we found last night inside ?
i put a one pence piece down on the ground before i let it out so you could see how big it was. deliberately (or otherwise) it walked over and sat on top of it to hide it !

i realised i never explained why we went to norfolk last month year. it was because it was my parents-in-law 40th wedding anniversary.
here is their cake:
and here they are reading some newspapers:
and here’s some other family members:
(how behind am i – this was a year and a quarter ago, and i’ve only just found the unpublished photos festering in my draft folder)

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