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Monthly Archives: December 2005

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here’s a photo that kezia took of me
it’s new year’s eve today so i thought i’d take the opportunity to thank you for continuing to visit
in the last 12 months funkypancake:
walked over 4,100 kms, (40km-ish of which was during the london marathon [and you helped me raise 1,838.68 pounds]), was featured in dogs today magazine, had over 380 thousand unique visitors to the blog causing 545G of traffic over 2.8 million pages served, was featured on radio, had a site upgrade and redesign, averaged over 1700 visitors per day, went curling with olympic gold winners, visited norfolk, the lake district, austria and belgium, posted a pile of photos every day (there’s now over 10,000 photos on funkypancake, and as many spelling mistakes), and lots of other stuff besides.
i hope you’ve enjoyed it as much as i have !

we’ve been to see these famous house lights before (see here and here), but we thought we shouild pay our annual homage to this fantastic house. one year i’ll get a decent photo but for now, here’s one stitched together from loads of smaller ones.

here is tony teaching liz how to use a little computer game. he was telling her in a very simple way as we all know how silly girls go when they try to deal with technology.
actually, that’s not what’s happening here, and tony has only the utmost respect for ladies of all genders.

we went ice skating yesterday. there was much talk amongst the children of obtaining ‘the balance’ like it was some skating-zen nirvana.
kezia suddenly announced she could skate on her own (after being dragged round by the grown ups for nearly 2 hours) and we didn’t believe her until off she went ! she had obtained ‘the balance’ and all was well.
here are esther and i doing not quite as well

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