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August 2005

peregrine falcon

remember this ? i thought they were photographers, but they were/are actually bird watchers. i attempted to take some photos but failed miserably:

there’s a couple of peregrine falcons living up the Tate Modern tower and they’ve got their telescopes trained on them.

if you are in the vicinity of the South Bank you must go and have a look. they are quite fantastic
here are the two bird-men looking completely in the wrong direction

best in show !

fantastically, i won best-in-show for my photo of a snail at the Swallowfield Show.

here i am proudly receiving the trophy

all of the other photos i entered have appeared on the blog at some point, but in case you are interested here is what else i entered (in each category):
a journey (1st):



texture (3rd):

skyscape (2nd):

my favourite place:

song title (1st):

4 seasons (3rd – best viewed bigger):

what the future looked like in the past

retro futurists in a bookstall at a village fair.
note the random disconnected space boot on the floor and the book on top called ‘they died too young’.

very small sign

teeny weeny snail on my finger tip (must have been a sign)

two gloves

2 gloves

closeup here:

and here:

how the cool people travel

the spacehopper is enjoying a renaisance rather like scooting did a few years back. businessmen are taking advantage of the long dry british summer to commute to work on spacehoppers, sometimes travelling miles just to get to work.
what we see here is a lady’s sports spacehopper. she’s parked it up (rather badly i notice) and left her sunnies on the roof.

blue hair

quiz of the day – male or female. vote now.


it’s the rival brands on opposite walls

merlin’s speed bump sign

merlin sent me this sign of saying watch out for speed bumps. positioning is everything with signs !