disposable flash cameras

stranded camera man

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  1. thats me! been doing that job 3 years now at loads of festivals.
    I assure you im not dodgy and was actually quite upset to find the comment
    “disposable flash cameras. stranded camera man ….. jane and my mum were convinced this was the chap off Rogue Traders and/or watchdog or something similar. …”
    Its not very nice is it?

  2. oh no ! i think you (or perhaps Google search) are mixing up two separate words to two different pictures.
    The Rogue Traders comments was about a celebrity-spot when we thought we saw one of the presenters.
    the post for that is here:
    i certainly wasn’t implying you were dodgy.
    i took the picture as i liked the effect of your brightly advertised stall in the middle of an empty pile of mud !
    if you have an online shop, i’ll happily put the URL here

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