August 2005

life in the fast lane

here is steve waiting by a petrol pump which ate his credit card. it turned out the petrol pump wasn’t ‘online’ so a man came and pulled the power to reboot it. it still failed but steve got his credit card back.
our 20 minute midnight pit stop allowed me to take some trolley photos in the supermarket carpark though !

reading 2005

the day before the music starts this is all very quiet

as i mentioned before, i won weekend tickets for the Reading festival thanks to having one of my photos featured in the programme. i went down this evening to get my wrist band.
it was quite muddy:

and i liked how people were queuing up at a little window for chunks of wood to burn:

and there were tents as far as the eye could see (and i rejoiced in not having to stay in any of them):

even action man was beaten by the elements:

things are looking up

these chaps had ‘oculars rather than cameras but they still looked great in their high viewings.

the mighty boosh

somehow i’ve managed to miss the fact that Series 2 of the Mighty Boosh is on BBC3 at the moment. luckily (if you are in the UK) you can watch a streamed version via their website. Note the language warnings


today our friend was a parrot. i didn’t try to speak to him like last time though.
his boss probably greated him excitedly that morning and announced “what we’ve been missing is colour. today you’re going to be a parrot”.

an incredibly reflecting day

this was taken in a shop window. most of what you see was behind me. click for a closer inspection.


my old house mate jeremy (who will soon appear on the blog) found this shoe on his travels. it’s a nice sporty number. slightly retro feel.