August 2005

olivia’s dedication

yesterday was olivia’s dedication.
As i described in the comments here, a dedication is a bit like a baptism – it’s a chance to say thank you to God for the child and to welcome them in to the wider church family.

Prayer parents are like god-parents and it’s their duty to pray for the child and generally support them as they grow up.
when they are old enough they can then make their own decision about the Christian faith, which they believe is true.
richard and julia (below), and jane and i are olivia’s prayer parents.
The prayer we said included this phrase “May we be patient and understanding, ready to guide and to forgive, so that through our love she may come to know your love, through Jesus Christ our Lord.”
(can you spot esther and kezia in the picture above ?)

revised song title

i went with others’ advice on my previous attempt and re-approached the song title thing. so, here’s my new song title picture. i think i cropped a bit too tight on the right though. oh well.
do you know what it is yet ?

me at the reading festival

here i am with my festival hat shortly before i left. i only really saw Dinosaur Juniorand the Charlatans today before i ran out of energy and went home ! We’ve got other things planned for today so that’s probably it for me and Reading 2005.
but you can watch some of the bands here for the next 30 days.

mixed messages

swallowfield show signage awaiting deployment. i’m looking forward to seeing where the ‘fishing in the field’ signs goes.

brother edd

here is brother edd. i saw him at the Reading Festival today. i went and sat down near the stage and at the end of the band looked round me and there he was sitting but a few metres away. neither of us had spotted each other, and neither had we agreed to meet in that location.
how very strange.
here he is holding one of my funkypancake ‘business cards’ which i give to people who ask why i’m taking pictures of boring things.

specialised bins

here are two slightly seperate strange things in the same bin complex.
see how specialised these bins have become. this bin is only for Beans on Toast. which makes me think that the Beans on Toast people haven’t had a good day

and then this chap appears to be in a bin, but he wasn’t.

hassock of the week

i thought this was a glove at first until i realised it had 7 fingers.

the bucket family

this family have brought buckets to sit on which is a good idea. perhaps they are using them as toilets to avoid the festival facilities ?


i wandered by the signing tent and noticed the queue was short so i joined it. only to meet elbow a few moments later.
how bizarre. their set was very good too. it included a big confetti explosion (as can be seen if you look carefully at the people sitting on the buckets photo)

more comfortable viewing

these people had an inflatable sofa. good plan.
i took pictures of lots of the bands i saw today but they’re all a bit small so i’m not going to bother posting any of them.
bands i saw today included Goldie Looking Chain (offensive, but very funny), The Wedding Present, Graham Coxon, Elbow, The Coral, Audio Bulleys (briefly), Queens of the Stone Age (an accident), Cooper Temple Clause, Black Rebel Motorcycle Club (their new stuff isn’t much cop), Charlotte Hathersley (very excellent) and the Pixies (awesome!).
i think there were others as well.

guess the song

i’m not sure if this works or not. it’s an attempt to capture a song title in a photo for a competition i’m entering on sunday (tomorrow).
any ideas what it is or am i going to have to go back to the drawing board ?

festival antics

between bands people sit around and chat, and drink, and set fire to things. but these people decided to do some acrobatics instead.
the chap on top is actually leap frogging 4 people who are standing up. it was quite impressive, and also very stupid.
i wouldn’t recommend funkypancake readers try this between pictures.

dave grohl – the nicest man in pop, or …

here is one of those things you can put your head through and pretend you are on the cover of the NME. good fun you think ? well think again.
what about those poor Foo Fighter band members who’ve had their heads cut out so music fans can pose with mr grohl here ?
i think mr grohl was playing drums for the queens of the stone age today (i can’t be 100% sure as i don’t recognise all his tattoos and the video screens kept cutting to other people). but anyway, he does play with them quite regularly which must be a pain for the emergency spare drummer.
and we don’t hear much about kurt cobain any more do we ?
i’m beginning to detect a pattern with mr grohl.

brandon flowers

brandon flowers of the killers looking out from the signing tent