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Monthly Archives: June 2003

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i saw this sign on the boat from saint malo.
bras ! i think the idea is that you abandon your bra if you are leaving the UK so you can be a true european (they also had some stick on arm pit hair)
Now, i’m not stupid. i can read a bit of french. and i know that enfants means babies. and everyone knows that kids don’t wear bras.
so i recon you can also leave your kids in this locker if you want.

i have been taking pictures of dogs on signs for the last week to add to my blog in a new category called Signs (of dogs)
(i have a number pending publication – there is only so much you can do with a french keyboard in an Internet cafe with the euro-meter running).
incredibly, it seems that grahame is also collecting similar pictures for his blog. looky here now
i find it interesting that dog signs are so unique. a dog is a dog right ? where are the european sign conventions ?
i don’t like dogs, but i do like signs about dogs.

a colleague of mine found these photos and an intriguing letter in her loft. the photos were found in opposite loft spaces and the letter was attached to one of them.
they are not added to main collection as they weren’t really found in public. they have instead been returned to the loft space where they will lie in darkness. the loft becomes a fossil to the previous inhabitants.
when she moves out of the house she has promised to add her own photo to the pile to keep the tradition rolling.

i have been asked several times today if the tie I am wearing is made out of wood. The answer is yes. i bought it for 5 euros. It’s elasticated so you don’t have to tie a piece of wood in a knot.
not that knots don’t appear in wood. not that sort anyway.
my only concern is it’ll get woodworm and drop off.
for info on where to buy your tie go here

a 2 hour journey to work in the drizzling rain this morning. welcome back to real life.
i’ve been putting my new found tourist skills to work though. i’ve been reading out road names loudly in silly accents and taking photos of everything. (actually i used to do this anyway)

i saw this van waiting patiently on the street corner
it’s nice they have ambulances for patients these days. or maybe we have now moved to a two tier system where the doctors travel in seperate vehicles. since this whole Sars thing, doctors haven’t wanted to get too close to ill people.
embrace illness i say.

it’s our last day ont he campsite today. off to another for one night tomorrow then a day on the boat on sunday.
times have been a changing on the campsite recently. the fm radio brigade have moved in with their loud music and angst ridden teenagers are lingering.
we must move on before the adolescents move in.

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