June 2003

jane digs for kezia

yesterdays game was bury kezia in the sand. first dig a hole. then kezzy jumps in and pulls loads of sand on to herself shouting ‘pat pat pat’ whilst patting the sand down. we dug her out before going home

esther mad hat

in order to raise esther’s hat above eye level we made her wear bunches. she looked silly. but silly is good.

cryptic instructions

i saw the sign and had to wonder. not clear if we had to prance in the water, on the water or just on the way

the internet

turns out the internet is a car.


scarey french man windmiller. absolutely no sense of humour. dreadful for kids. looked good though and i enjoyed it.


i have a lot to say about postcards. i shall save it for another time (with an english keyboard)

the dutch

i recon all the dutch people at our campsite are on a british theme holiday set somewhere nice. it wouldn’t surprise me if they had all been watching reruns of Eldorado.

holiday fun

holiday games this holiday are putting on other people’s shoes and wearing other people’s sun glasses. kezzy made up these games and is best at playing them.

i was on holiday

just in case people didn’ believe i’m actually here. so is esther

bloke toilets

the french love to see other people urinating. especially men.

flooded road

only passable at low tide. we were 45 mins early