June 2003

france is

very hot. no photos as computers don,t recognise my memory stick reader. coming soon hopefully.


this handdrier on the ferry was guanteed hygenique et economique for 5 years. after that all bets are off.

on the boat

leaving for the uk
in the hold
i could never be a sailor for a number of reasons. fear of drowning even in calm sea being the main one

take a kitkat

sometimes you just have to say enough is enough. of course ‘enough’ is only realised after you’ve had too much and by then you can’t back up.
so there you go.

rawl plugs

see the picture. BT tower in the background. they fastened the tower to the ground by screwing it in to a giant hole.
see the foreground. they are doing the same again. a giant drill bit prepares the hole. a giant rawl plug is added. they then bring the building and simply screw it in. Probably with an automatic screw driver type thing.
if you’ve ever seen the very top of BT tower you will see they opted for a Philips style crosshead rather than a straight slotted. you can learn about screwing here

hide and seek

they’ve hidden the BBC. Or maybe they have wrapped it in a terrorist proof wrapper.

clock coincidence

how weird is this. i bought a clock (the old one in the picture). i took it for a walk through central london. i didn’t have a bag so i carried it in my hand.
i turned a corner and there was a man with a clock in his hand ! A similar model, only newer. he was filming a feature on coffee for the Discovery Channel. It’s a pity the program wasn’t about bizarre coincidences !

the weirdness of space

got home. people everywhere. hid. too busy. too awake. too tired. need holiday.

words alike

sign and sing contain the same letters yet are different words. the same applies to fires and fries.
try and use alternative words today and see what happens
surely there are higher forces at work around here
shirley their hair fire farces hat worse abound there





a celebrity morning

as you can see below I nearly saw Kylie and did see nigel havers. I also saw that bloke off scrap heap challenge who gets excited about old pieces of metal. he was at paddington station waiting for a train. didn’t get a photo. sorry about that

nigel havers

after not seeing kylie i did see nigel havers:
he posed nicely
here he is big
nigel with a scarey man

waiting for kylie

she was due to arrive at 10am. I was there 9.50am on the way to a meeting. So i didn’t see her.
She’s the new face of BA. face my arse.
so i never got to see the pint sized aussie
other people were making the most of the giant sand pit though