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September 2007


i don’t really like taking flower pictures, but this one came out quite nicely, especially with a little post processing colour boost. i wonder if i over cooked it a bit ?
i used this flower on the label of some home made CDs last week and it worked quite nicely.
here’s the unedited original so you can compare

spare emily pictures

i’m doing an open university photo course this term, and it’s jolly good fun. i’ve submitted my weekly assignment photos, and here are a couple of spares i didn’t use. we’re encouraged not to publish our course assignments until the end in case anyone nicks them, but i might share some along the way !


070929_350d_img_4265.jpg 070929_350d_img_4343.jpg
jane took the great photo of me missing head. i love those kinds of shots.

topless doll

esther spotted that one of rascle’s toys was lacking any upper clothing. luckily her necklass saved our blushes

train spotters

you are being watched
graffiti at vauxhall station spotted as my train headed in the opposite direction.