hassock of the week

to p or not to p ? (tuppence or not?)


4 thoughts on “hassock of the week”

  1. Hassocks! I spent the first 16 years of my life living there & my parents still live there. Lovely little place in West Sussex, best wishes, david george.
    PS got here via russell davies, and powerpoint stuff.

  2. Chi-Rho are the first two letters in the Greek of “Christ”.
    Since before Constantine, they have been a Christian symbol.

  3. Hello Mr. Funky.
    I just bought myself a ‘hassock’ making kit – two in fact, and am in the process of putting them together. Go and check out the blog. I have big plans for it – and maybe it can be a guest ‘hassock’ for you once complete.
    But my point is, that having just sought and purchased a hassock – it seems to me that in the trade they are referred to as ‘church kneelers’.
    Careful which term you use (ie. depending on who you are talking to). I am comfortable with ‘hassock’.

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