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September 2007

back to portsmouth historic dockyard

we went back to portsmouth historic dockyard yesterday to do more things from our yearly season ticket. it was excellent. this time we went on a harbour tour where our guide helpfully announced military secrets to visiting tourists
sniper on an aircraft carrier
it was a sniper what killed nelson, but i don’t think it was this chap
military people are often friendly if you wave at them. perhaps this is where the phrase ‘friendly fire’ comes from
and this boat had a cow statue on board

lovely scaffolding

what a brilliant idea for outside a flourist shop. they’d decorated their scaffolding to make it in to a feature. excellent stuff.

hands on radioactivity and other exhibits

the museum in the palace of culture and science is a very strange place. totally bonkers.
it’s mostly an old school exhibits-at-arms-length in glass cages types of place, but there was one hands on area.
unfortunately it was a demonstration of radioactivity which i thought i’d like to avoid. (it’s worth noting chenobyl isn’t too far from poland)
still, they had some bonkers exhibits like this type writer which used piano keys for the letters.
and an exhibit which banned the use of thumbs
and an ancient walkman
and some old mobile phones which were surrounded by pennies, seemingly for no other reason than the glass case they were in wasn’t done up properly so there was space to drop pennies in (so people did)
and this thing is a pilot training simulator thing (with penny farthings for authenticity)
here is an early apple mac
and the fantastic trolley computer
and i thought this sign was particularly telling. it was in the space section and announced that this rocket was a genuine exhibit (unlike all the others i assume).
the music had a really weird atmosphere and was quite fantastic – you must go next time you are in warsaw (although i wouldn’t make the trip just to go).

biological hazards

there are signs along the M4 motorway on the way in to london which inform drivers they are entering a Foot and Mouth control zone. i always pull over my car and let the cows out.
there are enough biological hazards in the UK without people risking further infection by putting pigeons on their heads in the name of tourism. i can’t be doing with pigeons.

top 10 rules of photography

there was a lomography convention in trafalgar square this week, with 100,000 (i think) photos stuck up on boards. i can relate to their 10 rules of photography !

tesco transport

part of my new office routine is breaking for elevensies at 8am (i get to the office at 6.30 if i drive) by walking to tesco.
as i get there they are usually opening up and i often see the kiddy tantrum generator machines being dragged out to their posts. sometimes they are still in the doorway.
someone had decided to strangle these poor beasts.
070918_850_img_5044.jpg 070918_850_img_5045.jpg
still, if i had the choice of any of these three rides, i’d go for the one on the right as it’s goes further.