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January 2006

cop car
everyone in our house loves this little police car. it’s got a really nice bouncy suspension and whizzes along nicely.
we once had two then we lost one then we lost the other one then we found this one which was one or the other of the ones we lost (but not the other)
anyway, if you want to buy a full sized one go here


harry and walter

here is laughing harry and laughing walter. they are laughing.


church advertising

isn’t this a classic bit of british understated local advertising ? it was in a car park in a nice oxfordshire village.

horse riding

kezia and esther had a riding lesson this weekend. thanks to andy for these photos

big eye learns to drum

i played bass yesterday morning for the first time in about 2 months and i think we rocked a little as we also had richard drummer and jane on her strat.
anyway, big eye tony used to complain about the drums being too loud, but he’s in a different place now. specifically that place is behind the drums having a sneaky go after the service !
during the talk about vicar suggested that the word ‘praise’ in the Bible is a bit like the modern equivalent of ‘advertise’. i thought that was very interesting and it’s made me think. Both about God and advertising !

the return of alan

great news, you may remember that Alan, was very ill over Christmas (see here), well, he made it to church yesterday and is well on the road to mends-ville.
hallelujah (in the true sense of that word)

greedy grebe

grebe and wiggly fish
grebe with stiller fish
grebe with swallowed fish