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Monthly Archives: April 2004

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so, what did we buy at the auction ? not much. but what i did get was this fantastic piece of TV memorabilia.
it’s a T-shirt, jumper and board game which you can only get from being a contestant on Supermarket Sweep. I got it for £3. no one else bid.
but that means that someone at esther’s school has a parent who was on supermarket sweep, won the prize and gave it away to be auctioned for school funds.
Dale Winton himself has apparently touched the merchandise you see below.

click to see it in all its glory

here’s tony. he often comments on the blog so you’ll know him by his cutting wit. if he looks confused it’s because he’s lost in music. there’s no turning back apparently. yes. he’s caught in a trap.
he babysat as we went out auctioning which was very kind of him. and doesn’t he looked pleased about it ?

gelatine blows stuff up doesn’t it ? not a good plan to put that on your nahds or face surely ? might be good for a face lift if you don’t mind your face being a lifted very quickly a few inches above your head.
and why did i say inches. i’m metric boy. through and through.

you suddenly feel a bit old when you become a parent. you suddenly realise you ARE old when you start going to school parents events. where did our lives go ? good job the blog has an archive so i can keep track and answer that question at least for the last year.
meanwhile jane and i went to an auction at esther’s school this evening. there were many delights and many expensive items were bought (but not by us).
and how strange to look around and see other parents who we don’t know, yet our children may know each other really well.
it’s all just too bizarre. luckily there was beer, chocolate and a flappy number to help the auction go smoothly:

i had a media training thing at work today which was very funny.
here is me (I?) doing an appalling pretend TV interview.
i’ve got my eyes closed in this picture. i’m probably trying to block the whole thing from my mind.
you’ll be relieved to know that i’ve decided to stick to blogging rather than becoming a TV presenter.

i’ve found this question really difficult to answer as i have so much stuff which i really enjoy but there’s nothing i would be absolutely gutted if i lost.
so, in the end i decided to give you a picture of my bass guitar for no other reason than i’ve had it for ages and it’s a nice red colour.
20 questions

it’s tricky being a police man. all that running about and arresting people. luckily they have a catering corp who arrive at crime scenes and offer people a nice relaxing british cuppa.
“now you just sit down love, there’s a cup of tea on the way. there you go. now can you explain why you are carrying that blood stained axe ?”

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