April 2004

street squiggles

remember this squiggle ?
well another one has turned up next to it:
to me this represents a massive rain cloud dropping rain on the earth. but i could be wrong.


some days i think my morning walk from paddington to tottenham court road is a little excessive. particularly when it’s raining.
rain is brilliant though. massive drops of water simply falling from the sky. excellent.

picture of the day

here is a street cleaner and a bus in the rain. i think it looks nice so i’ve given you a big version you can use as your desktop picture if you like.

(click for big)

ideal for spares

life is an education. especially if you are teacher. i have to make do with learning from looking. today i learnt that tellies won’t work if you leave them in the rain.

not even stamp mail only

postboxes are like open woulds and letters are like the salt we rub in to the wounds. the postmen are the skilled doctors who tend the wounds and make them well.
sometimes the wounds get infected as you can see here.
this mail box is for stamp mail only, which means letters regarding philately.
People aren’t as interested in stamps now we’ve got the magical Internet. for example, i’ve got a lovely collection of email headers nicely mounted in an album which i regularly analyse with a magnifying glass

black flower

here’s a flower i saw near paddington station this morning. it’s nearly black which is an unusual colour for a flower (because bees are scared of the dark and won’t go near black flowers for fear of being sucking in to eternal torment).
of course in the light of my office it now looks dark purple and is therefore a pointless slightly battered flower picture.

tree sack race

here’s two trees having a sack race up a street. it’ll be egg and spoon tomorrow and a three trunked race on wednesday.
the highlight will be the parent trees race on friday when a number of extremely competitive giant pine trees will come barging down the street (much to the embarrasement of the junior trees).

another lost cat

lost. a tortoise shell cat. or was that a cat skinned tortoise ?

martha lane-fox

marylebone high street is the place to spot fast moving celebrities / millionaire dot-com business people. here is martha lane-fox.
i could have got a photo of her from the front but she was carrying loads of bags and talking on her mobile and i was a bit embarrased so i waited until she’d passed.
will you just LOOK at the size of those turnups !

spare door

bill bailey once said “hardest job in the world – selling doors door-to-door”

mad people

there are lots of crazy people in london. it makes you wonder where all the lost marbles went. i found one. near a hospital (but not a mental hospital)