not even stamp mail only

postboxes are like open woulds and letters are like the salt we rub in to the wounds. the postmen are the skilled doctors who tend the wounds and make them well.
sometimes the wounds get infected as you can see here.
this mail box is for stamp mail only, which means letters regarding philately.
People aren’t as interested in stamps now we’ve got the magical Internet. for example, i’ve got a lovely collection of email headers nicely mounted in an album which i regularly analyse with a magnifying glass

3 thoughts on “not even stamp mail only”

  1. Some of us make a living out of analyse email headers with a magnifying glass – and find it exciting – how sad.

  2. If you get 2 email headers the same, can you swap one of them with another collector who has 2 the same?
    And what name do you give to this hobby?

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