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April 2003

who moved the welly

the welly (reported earlier) has moved. it was on a wall. but now it is on a parking meter across the pathway. if the welly is on a journey then i suggest it would make better progress at floor level.
i would love to have seen the jump it made from the wall (which is behind where the photos were taken).

total nonsense

everything is total nonsense. discuss

dave with long hair

click picture for bigger version.

photo taken by tony newell near Keswick, July 2002.
me with long hair and a nice rain coat.

word for the week

here is a good word. try to use it as often as possible this week:
let me know how you get on.

sars in their eyes

there’s always something strange going on in the local charity shop. particularly the people that work there. last week it was a man dressed as a woman (proper like, not your fancy dress type thing). conversation which i overheard implied he was one of your actual transvestites. i digress. today when i went in there was a lady wearing a face mask in the anti-sars style. though she may be the one laughing in 10 days times. or maybe it’s her that is infectious and she wants to protect the rest of us …

tramp chic

just saw a bloke sitting on the floor wearing walking boots on his hands (as well as his feet). Maybe it’s a new fashion thing. Personally I have no opinion on the whole ‘boots as gloves’ concept. I would have taken a photo. But it seemed a bit rude. Whitfield Street isn’t a cat-walk you know.

lost on a monday

Seen on the way to work:

  • black hat left at station on a bench
  • pink bonnet left on the slow train to london
  • three elastic bands in the street (can’t be more specific)
  • welly on a wall on the way to work (see picture)


everything has a story.

i only have the pictures


photo by dave

holiday in weymouth

just back from a weekend in weymouth. was very excellent. stayed in a caravan, but even that was good.