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August 2004

very naughty

this reminded me of this, but obviously not quite as good !

click big biggernisation

an army of fire extinguishers

here are a load of fire extinguishers behind a dusty window on marylebone high street. they look like ghosts. but they are not.

hot hot hot (32C)

it’s like a saunarium in my office today thanks to the lack of committment shown by our aircon machine. still. it’s all good fun
interestingly there’s no maximum temperature rules for UK offices. here’s the official guidance. There’s a man trying to mend it somewhere in the building so hopefully we’ll be icey cool again by tomorrow.

a street tableau

phone box, bin (with leaves), hidden bollard, a white taxi, a drain and a london bus. a classic london street scene.

street eraser

this man has a giant street paint eraser on the end of a pipe. here is a picture which you can click for teeny weeny video.
yes sir. we’ve arrived in the 21st Century.

found photo

it’s been a while since i’ve found a photo. i think this is punishment for not keeping davescollections up to date, but i will update it. soon ok.
so i was delighted to find this scrap of photo this morning on bentinck street where i once found this jewel.
DSC01344.jpg DSC01345.jpg


the olympics have finished and the british atheletes have returned victorious (so i hear on the wireless news forecast). people have a new found interest in sport and have impromtu races whilst going about their daily business.
today, for example, someone has set up some parallel bars which can also be used as hurdles for races up and down edgware road. or ‘The’ edgware road as some people call it.

24 hours

so, here is the photo which won the best photo. i nearly didn’t bother creating it but then had a moment of madness on saturday morning when everyone else was out of the house.

click to be dismayed amazed

signs and wonders

i was doing sound at church yesterday morning. inspired by the reading festival i added a little extra volume and reverb to the occasion.
the services incorporated a number of signs:
and here’s pete hiding behind a sign. he’s the only way you know. jesus not pete.

proud prize winners

here is esther with her rosette for being Highly Commended. She was so proud.
and here is a photo esther took of me with my trophy (and kezia who suddenly decided to remove her t-shirt and come up with me to collect the trophy- i think she needs to get out of this habit quick !):
and esther in the car-park:


the sound systems they use in country fairs are amazing. they’re built for voice rather than sound and must be decades old in design.
they make me think of cold war nuclear announcements. and tellytubby land.
DSC01320.jpg DSC01324.jpg

esther, katie and adam

we saw loads of our friends today which was great. here are a couple of them.



“real live”

“real live” rather than “pretend dead”. i couldn’t work what that animal was meant to be in the picture. it looked like a sawn off slug.

giant marrows

i’ve mentioned this numberous times before, but we all love things which are the wrong size. tiny dogs and giant vegetables are our absolute favourites.
here are katie and esther with a couple of giant marrows: