August 2004

family victory

it’s been a bank holiday today. esther and i did really well at the Swallowfield Show. we both entered stuff in the craft show. here are our award winning entries:
esther got Highly Commended for her butterfly and vegetable chariot:
DSC01270.jpg DSC01271.jpg
i got a second place for ‘transport’ and 1st place for ‘about the home’:
DSC01272.jpg DSC01273.jpg
i also got second place for the song title (as seen here)
but my best was my ’24 hours’ collection which not only won 1st prize in the category, but also won best photo in the show:
This year i only won £6. not quite a lucrative as last year.

many festival gloves

there were many gloves at Reading Festival and i couldn’t hope to take pictures of them all because of the endless pushing crowds, so here are two blue ones that can represent the rest of the unphoto’d

festival signs

no crowd surfing signs were visible again this year, but this time with explanatory wording:
normally it’s don’t drink and drive, but at festivals it’s don’t smoke and drive:

afternoon fun

we were invited to our friends craig, isobel, amy and fay (no idea of any of the spellings). a vicar also turned up for a bit (as they do). it was jolly nice.
here is the jelly with teddy biscuits:


no body likes dishonest thieves.
thiefery in england is still legal of course, but the long arm of the law and the slightly stumpy arm of the underground have reached a compromise. thieves can still do their thiefery, but they have to put a sign up outside whilst they are working so the police have a sporting chance of catching them.
here is one such sign:


when jane and i were out festival-ing, esther and kezia went to stay with their friends katie and olivia. here is katie with a sunflower.
DSC01260.jpg DSC01262.jpg

reading festival 2004

we didn’t get a very good view this year as we were over the other side and further back. still, managed to get some shots with my camera (whilst avoiding flying cider).
you can read reviews on the site
the white stripes:
DSC01203.jpg DSC01216.jpg
DSC01176.jpg DSC01155.jpg
the libertines (viewed by a young kid with a libertine’s jacket on his father’s shoulders watching them on stage):

franz ferdinand:
the roots:
new york dolls:
har mar superstar (before i worked out my shutter settings – but it’s best he’s blurred):


kezia finger painting:
esther’s painting;
esther’s vegetable vehicle (driven by her (my) little poney):

song titles

it’s a day of music today. this morning i’ve been trying to take a photo of a ‘song title’ for a county show tomorrow and this afternoon Jane and I are going to the Reading Festival.
here’s my attempt at the song title – i’m forever blowing bubbles:

washing machine

this is what your desktop has been missing:

click for big


bizarre mushroom circle in Hyde Park. why do they grown like this ?
DSC00929.jpg DSC00930.jpg

clock watching

thieves are everywhere. so it’s good news there’s a security camera in close proximity to old big ben


another street entertainer playing on tourists love of all thing british.

human statues

it’s very popular to stand in tourist areas painted silver and pretend to be a statue. as a way of making money it seems quite easy. though the actual money involved seems quite small and it might get a bit boring.
here are parts of two such people on the south bank yesterday evening