reading festival 2004

we didn’t get a very good view this year as we were over the other side and further back. still, managed to get some shots with my camera (whilst avoiding flying cider).
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the white stripes:
DSC01203.jpg DSC01216.jpg
DSC01176.jpg DSC01155.jpg
the libertines (viewed by a young kid with a libertine’s jacket on his father’s shoulders watching them on stage):

franz ferdinand:
the roots:
new york dolls:
har mar superstar (before i worked out my shutter settings – but it’s best he’s blurred):


5 thoughts on “reading festival 2004”

  1. you know what ? he was !
    at the beginning of the summer i wasn’t that bothered about seeing him, but then i heard his new singles and saw him on the telly at Glasto and i was looking forward to it.
    and he was really good (as was everyone we saw)

  2. it’s been renamed now to the Carling Festival and happens in two locations at once, so it’s now the Reading and Leeds festival. With a massive sponsorship deal.

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