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Monthly Archives: March 2005

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I saw Tony Blair’s new tenants locked outside their new house this morning. I’m not sure if it was the actual Michael Caton-Jones and Laura Viederman but the paparatzi were taking plenty of photos.
here is an article about the house and here is more on the new tenants.
the house and delivery truck

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Tone bought his house on Connaught Square for when he stops being the Prime Minister and i walk past it on the way to work each morning.
there were worries about security but if people can’t even get through the front door when they’ve got a key i don’t think the PM need worry !
key holders and paparatzi:
DSC08836.jpg DSC08837.jpg

this is a bit of a teaser, but expect a complete picture story of the current parking meter replacement program happening on my route to work.
meanwhile, here are some bollards protecting the new parking meter, waiting patiently in its plastic wrapper.

i’ve been keeping a track of how far i’ve walked each week, and more recently, each day, for the last 60 weeks. And yesterday i passed the 4000km mark.
my knees hurt.

click for statistical bigness
which reminds me, it’s not long now until the London Marathon on the 17th April.
if you haven’t sponsored me yet, would you consider making an online donation via my justgiving webpage ? you can use your credit card (even if you’re not based in the UK).
Currently i’ve raised £1,121.81 but i’d like to hit £1,500 if possible for Outward Bound. thanks to all those who’ve sponsored me so far !
and here’s my new banner ad (for those who view the page using the rdf feed and don’t see my sidebar):

as part of my marathon training i’ve been really trying to take photos without stopping.
this is quite a challenge as it requires a quick reaction when i see an object worth photoing.
so, i was very pleased with this glove which came out sharp enough to make a nice desktop background.

click for desktop sized fun

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