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Monthly Archives: December 2003

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i’m rubbish at new year’s eve.
i’m much happier going to bed early and getting it all over a done with than partying like a mad thing. that said, we were invited round to a neighbour’s house for a hogmany do which i quite fancied, but lack of babysitters prevented us popping out (and it would have been bad form for one of us to go and not the other).
so we sat in chatting whilst fireworks exploded around and about. we just assumed they were fireworks from all the noise. i like to think it was actually our neighbours wandering up and down with inflated crisp bags, popping them occasionally to give the impression they were having a good time and we weren’t. the loud deep explosions were obviously the kettle crisp bags
hang on to the old year i say. let’s have an old year non-party instead.

following the classic who is brother edd ? entry of a few days back, here is a Who Is Tony ? entry.
Tony often leaves comments. He’s not Big Eye Tony. That’s a different one.
This Tony comes round to our house with his family and looks a bit like Bill Gates. tony is a man and is married to his wife and has two girls aged the same as our two. so that’s four things we have in common (note – i am married to my wife not his).
Here he is playing jane’s guitar whilst listening to The Strokes’ debut album. he hadn’t heard their music (or album) before and so what he played did not resemble the music he heard. it was in the right key however.
this tony also plays jenga (actually our poor copy version from a high street store, but some concept)
this tony is also a very good friend. to celebrate this friendship we give each other (the same) ballerina pen holder each birthday/christmas.
so there we have it. a very quick summary of tony.

ebony and ivory. live together in perfect harmony.
two gloves, one nature reserve. one black, one white. one rubber, one leather. both lost in a strange world.
DSC09273.jpg DSC09275.jpg
(this should prove very popular with those who like to look at damp gloves – in particular those people who end up at this site by doing a search for ‘glove wet look problem’ in google.)

we had high hopes for today. we were going to walk around Windsor Great Park whilst Esther cycled and it was going to be great.
unfortunately it chucked it down with rain instead so we stayed in all morning. here is jane’s reaction:
in the afternoon we braved the drizzle to go to Dinton Pastures, our local nature reserve, where esther was able to cycle through muddy puddles chased by jane.
kezia and i trundled along after with the pushchair giving a nice rear view of the proceedings

we went to see some friends today we haven’t seen for a number of years. we both have children that the others have never seen and those we did know as little babies are now approaching teenage years.
it was their daughter’s birthday and jane told esther it was her 9th birthday party. “oh”, said Esther, “but how old is she ?”
here is esther and kezia on a wooden rocking horse. note how kezia is standing on a beeny horse. i’m sure this is signifcant, but don’t know why.

we had a lovely time round some friends house this morning. they have children (two boys) the same age as our girls.
esther and adam loved playing on adam’s junior scaletric as the two fathers looked on, quietly itching to have a go themselves.
instead we were assigned roles of mechanics and car-replacers. a demanding job when the cars are driven by two 4 year olds who don’t understand about slowing down for corners

here’s a present i got from Brother Edd. It’s an amazing hair-growing cat soap.
you take it out of its packet, leave it on a plate and within 12 hours it starts to grow fur, increasing in thickness over a number of days.
here it was when i opened it last night and after 12 hours:
DSC09222.jpg DSC09228.jpg
i’ll keep you updated as the fur grows. are you interested in where you can buy such an item ? do a google search

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