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this choir sang at one of the village fayres we went to over the weekend.  the leader of the band was particularly amusing to watch

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stepping round the back to get a better view kezia noticed this lady was wearing one of the song sheets

090627_450d_img_5098.jpg 090627_450d_img_5100.jpg

which was handy to make sure the chap behind her didn’t forget the words to the adapted version of ‘Always Look On The Bright Side Of Life’



i went to the marvellous breakfast club last friday thanks to russell reminding me it was on.  jolly good chat, although i feared for retinas sitting opposite these three t-shirts and the yellow wall.

it’s interest to note your modern fashionable man has wires coming out of his shoulders.


yesterday we went to another village fete.  this was one another dramatic one with people flying in the air (note the emergency ambulance in the background)


there was blatant disregard for the rules by this lady or middling years who was ignoring the instructions that this was for boys aged 3-10 years only


clouds were gathering but the rain didn’t drop this time


and how’s this for a classic tombola prize.  it’s not quite a goldfish, but it is a luxury roller blind. you knew it was going to be a winning stall when they proclaim that every number is a winner !


yesterday was wargrave festival


we ended up sitting for nearly an hour in the road in wargrave as we waited for very late procession to come through the village.


it was worth the wait though to see the medieval themed procession



they even had medieval bagpipers



this car was the least well dressed thing in the parade.  a cardboard cut out horse head stuck on a window screen does not make a horse.  although it was enough to get their advert on this blog

we even managed to find some of the props abandoned behind the local train station


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