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this is me even after nearly three months without any chocolate (the cravings continue)

i really don’t like New Year’s eve.  i find it highly depressing – which for someone who’s generally fairly jolly is a bit of a disappointment.  i think it’s related to having to stay up to midnight, whilst knowing i need to start getting back in to the routine of getting up before 5am in a few days time, and fearful of carbon-free self induced jet lag.  or perhaps it’s just fear of progress.

whatever, i find it a bit sad.  which is in itself a bit sad.  so sorry to our visitors who will be staying with us for a couple of days.

but anyway, thanks for another fantastic year in blog land.  i’ve enjoyed doing this immensely. see you on the other side !

here’s tony looking pleased with the trophy which we give each other every celebration day


and here’s how tony greated us when we arrived.  his first words were “don’t talk” as he was in a particularly difficult part of a plumber based wii game


and finally, here’s tony taking a picture


this is the sister of the angel that appears on our christmas card (and the christmas vouchers) this year.  the actual angel was on the tree.  this one is on a stick which katie (in the background) was holding.  special thanks to katie’s family for letting me use their angelic tree icon this year.


these skates were a christmas present for kezia last year.  kezia reminded herself of them this christmas and i spent a couple of hours dragging her around yesterday morning in the chilly coldness.  i didn’t take my camera (as i had my hands busy dragging her about).  whilst we were out 8 red kites were out enjoying the wind and sweeping low over out heads dramatically.

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