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January 2005

BT Tower

it’s light at 7.30am when i get to my office now – hoorah !

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here’s a trolley trapped upsway down behind a gate. i suspect he failed to jump over it properly.
looks like he had a lucky escape. if he’d jumped any further he’d have fallen down the stairs:
DSC06945.jpg DSC06949.jpg

a family trip to london

we had a rare sunday with no church commitments yesterday so we decided to have a family day and go to london. we did lots of nice touristy things and spent hours in the tate modern.
here are the girls on the tube

chocs in a box

i went round to mend a friend’s computer last night and to pay me she gave me a bottle of wine (for jane) and a box of galaxy chocolate bars for me ! so much for the no choc rule (back on hold at the moment).
i set the ‘point of sale’ box up and now it feels a little like i’m running a confectionary stall.
i could never be a proper computer repair man. my teeth would drop out.
but i was quite pleased with this (slightly photoshopped) photo of the chocs in their box !

landmark gloves

two gloves with views:
and southward cathedral:

walky talky

tonight is a celebration. it’s been exactly one year since i started studiously measuring my weekly walking distances.
so, i can tell you that in the last 52 weeks i’ve walked 3,296 km (about 2000 miles i think). It might actually have been a bit further than that i suffered from a malfunction just after christmas !

2000 miles from london would take you to quite far away. you could have literally moments of fun trying to work out where i could have got to from london (or your favourite local grid reference) by using this fancy thing.
My weekly average is 65km, although since i started my marathon training it’s jumped to 75km/week.
which brings me back to my begging question – will you please sponsor me for the marathon ? (thanks to those who’ve already sponsored!)

** please sponsor me **


the world of digital cameras with little displays has resulted in a significant reduction in the amount of photos of people with their heads missing.
i think it’s time we take deliberate action and start chopping heads off again. here’s my first attempt. i was quite pleased.
one really easy way of taking more heads-chopped off photos is to always use this technique when tourists ask you to take their photos outside a famous london landmark.
of course i wouldn’t be able to bring myself to do that in practice but i like the idea. in fact, someone asked me to take a picture of them in St James’ park last week. he handed me his antique plastic camera and asked me to take his photo.
what i should have said is “sorry mate, i only do digital” – but of course i didn’t.
perhaps a better way would be to carry little signs with the funkypancake URL on and get tourists to hold it if they ask me to take a photo. now there’s a marketing idea …
perhaps i could use that to get people to sponsor me (hint hint)

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big eye’s hospitality

jane and i went to big eye’s for tea last night. “we had a most excellent time. if ever he invites you round i’d recommend you go.”
Mr Big Eye should print this quote out and put it in big letters on a bill board on the front of his house like they do on West End theatres.
he should also display the ‘approved by funkypancake’ crest on his home made products. such as these potatoes:

get your skates on

we went ice-skating again yesterday. this time it was a family disco session which meant loud towny music and flashing lights.
ice skating is very much like speed walking down Oxford Street on a busy shopping day. you have to watch for people doing random things (especially suddenly stopping without warning and appearing at speed in unexpected directions).
in fact if people carried massive shopping bags and even occasionally giant suitcases then it would be exactly the same thing.
kezia seemed to get the oldest ever ice skating boots:
even though she skating for a maximum of 2 minutes over the 2 hours we were there she seemed to enjoy herself: