January 2005

no ice cycling

i imagine if you took the tyres off a bike it would work quite well on ice ?



national crime squad extinguishers

in a rare work-meets-blog moment i can tell you i went to the launch event for the Virtual Global Taskforce last night (go check out the site).
whilst listening to the presentation i spotted these two extinguishers hiding behind the National Crime Squad emblem !


it’s a display board for extinguishers

click for big

no change – or is there ?

we’ve been watching these bollards for a couple of weeks now, but there’s been no change.
initially it looked like a bollard relationship breakup, and the bollard in the distance was crying. a bollard relationship counsellor is on his way, but is still a few streets away.
it could be that bollard time moves very slowly compared to human time. a year for us might be an hour for them. perhaps they don’t even see humans as we move to so fast compared to their sedate movement ?
so it could be some time before we see anything dramatic from this pair.
but i took some closer photos this morning, and now i believe that rather than showing the darker side, this scene is actually an act of chivalry.
poor on bollard on the left is guarding a puddle and doing her bollardy duty with pride. but she’s alone and slightly scared. so the other bollard is keeping her company and standing by. perhaps even taking his own turn to guard the puddle.
DSC06787.jpg DSC06788.jpg





preparing for the worst

we’re notoriously rubbish at dealing with snow and icey weather in the UK. i think it’s because it takes us surprise. regularly. at the same time each year.
i suspect things aren’t going to be much better this year. at least someone’s ordered plenty of salt. unfortunately these bags are water softener salt and come in giant tablet form, which will probably cause more of an obstacle than the ice they’ll be skating on.
oh well.

non flamable flower beds

that’s the good thing about slightly damp cold winter mornings – flower beds are unlikely to burst in to flames.

friends for lunch

we had a few friends (Ruth & Stephen and their children) round for lunch yesterday. they’ve reached the age of potty training for their eldest (thankfully we are through this stage ).
it’s funny how potty training brings the best/worst out of people (quite literally).
Ruth said to Kezia “do you use the lavatory when you need a wee” ?
Kezia said “no i don’t…” comedy pause, clearly thinking about the question “…i use the toilet”.