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Monthly Archives: January 2005

i’m usually quite hungry by the time i get to work.
it being a friday i decided to buy a selection pack of teeny weeny croissants and pain au chocolats. what a treat.
unfortunately the noise of drilling and general construction coming from another part of my office took the edge of this morning luxury.
i’ve got a stinking cold and have a massive headache anyway, so the noise didn’t help. here’s a video of me dealing with the noise.
i don’t think i normally look this depressed and miserable. but maybe i do.

i’m really missing the fact that it’s not snowing (despite snow in these parts being a rare thing).
i was a little heartened to see all these polystyrene bits over the street this morning. they even made a nice crunchy noise as i walked over them.
i tried sledging on them but just looked silly.
DSC06868.jpg DSC06869.jpg

there were three gloves on my favourite glove-railings this morning.
compare to what i saw last time and you’ll notice there’s been a slight change. someone’s taken the pair and replaced it with a faux-leather singular glove.
what we have here is an actual, modern, working glove exchange
DSC06862.jpg DSC06863.jpg DSC06864.jpg

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