January 2005

windy photography

it was wet and windy as i speed walked backed to the station last night. i spotted these people trying to take a photo whilst their umbrella was being blown inside out so i lunged for my own photo as i whizzed past.
tourists are such good value.

phonecard machine

remember the humble pay phone card ? here’s a vending machine next to a stamp machine on an old post office in london.
it’s like a mini telecoms history lesson here isn’t it.
DSC06485.jpg DSC06486.jpg


i’m usually quite hungry by the time i get to work.
it being a friday i decided to buy a selection pack of teeny weeny croissants and pain au chocolats. what a treat.
unfortunately the noise of drilling and general construction coming from another part of my office took the edge of this morning luxury.
i’ve got a stinking cold and have a massive headache anyway, so the noise didn’t help. here’s a video of me dealing with the noise.
i don’t think i normally look this depressed and miserable. but maybe i do.

not snow

i’m really missing the fact that it’s not snowing (despite snow in these parts being a rare thing).
i was a little heartened to see all these polystyrene bits over the street this morning. they even made a nice crunchy noise as i walked over them.
i tried sledging on them but just looked silly.
DSC06868.jpg DSC06869.jpg


this is part of the government’s ‘houses for mouses’ program.
mouses love these little insulated boxes. inside they have hot and cold running water, electricity and even Internet connectivity.
they’ve never had it so good.

london sky

i walked across hyde park on the way to a conference yesterday morning and there were some mad clouds in the sky.

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the three glove railings

there were three gloves on my favourite glove-railings this morning.
compare to what i saw last time and you’ll notice there’s been a slight change. someone’s taken the pair and replaced it with a faux-leather singular glove.
what we have here is an actual, modern, working glove exchange
DSC06862.jpg DSC06863.jpg DSC06864.jpg

view from high up

i was lucky enough to go to a meeting on the 11th floor of a building on the south side of the thames yesterday. i took a couple of photos.
here’s one:

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