January 2005

The V&A

we took the girls to london yesterday to go to the V&A museum, followed by a walk to Oxford Circus (via the Diana Memorial, Hyde Park, Buckingham Palace, Trafalgar Square and Piccadilly Circus).
The V&A is a funny old place. We didn’t get on very well thanks in part to a tired kezia, but depsite quite a few activity things for kids, it’s not really ‘their’ sort of museum – ie lots of boring things in display cases !
But just look at the size of these things on display !
DSC06154.jpg DSC06159.jpg

pages 160

i’m still surprised to see new numbered signs at paddington, so i was delighted to see all these different Page 160s in Paddington yesterday on New Year’s Eve.

click to individual pictures to see slightly bigger versions which are still too small to read

sick animals

random slip of paper seen in the street. will the cat really be played by a kitten ?

click to inspect

christmas excess

brother kev ate too much fine food prepared by my sister-in-law over the Christmas period and promptly fell asleep on the floor in his son’s play room.
great choice of book.