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Monthly Archives: January 2005

this man completely blocked the pavement with his remote dog on a lead. he was oblivious. as appears to be the chap on his mobile phone.
the dog was on one of those retractable lead things and just as mr mobile was about to trip over, the owner pressed the retract button and the dog went flying across the pavement like a windy tape measure thing.

i’ve not been looking forward to my morning commutes, especially since the timetable change (which has resulted in much more crowding and a much more unpleasant journey).
however, this morning i got a seat and saw this excellent sunrise. it hasn’t been light by the time i’ve got to London for weeks, so this is a sure sign that summer is on the way !

it was the last day of the holiday yesterday so we went ice skating. esther was brilliant since she thought falling down was funny.
kezia needed more help, but that’s what happens when you take a 2 year old skating.
since jane and i were both occupied keeping ourselves and our family upright i didn’t get any photos of us ‘in action’.so here is a general shot:

one of the annoying things about being a bloke is that we have to shave everyday. i find this a waste of time, especially in the morning when i’m rushing to get out of the house (i have the same attitude to food in the morning).
however, one of the good things about having 12 straight days off work has been the opportunity to grow some kind of a beard.
whilst i’m happy to exploit the ‘tramp chic’ style i’ve cultivated it’s been suggested that it’s probably a style more appropriate for vacation (and street living) than the world of office employment.
so, my last non-work activity of the holiday was the lopping of the beard (and shaving of the head). jane (my wife and head trimmer) did the honours up top whilst i removed the growth around my mandibles (do ladies have womandibles ?).
here is the before:
and here is the after:
small beard.jpg
i’ve adopted my usual happy photo pose which i know you all enjoy.

remember the old joke about the chicken and the frog in a library ? the chicken kept saying “book, book, book” and the frog replied “read it, read it, read it”.
i suspect i could have told that a bit better … in fact, it’s on this frog joke page if you are that interested)
anyway, here is a concept which could help that little froggy to store his books. it’s underwater shelving. part of Ikea’s new aqua range no doubt.

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