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Monthly Archives: January 2005

we’re looking after our friends’ children this weekend so they can go off and have a nice quiet weekend. so the question is, how do you amuse 4 children for 2 days ?
i hadn’t got a clue, but luckily jane had. she suggested they all drew on a long piece of paper. which they all did, happily, for ages:
when it was my turn to suggest a plan i chose the telly. this too proved popular (as can be seen here):

i’ve just had my place confirmed for this year’s London Marathon.
i’ve committed to raise £1,500 for the Outward Bound Trust
i’ll do more of an appeal in a few weeks time, but those who wish to sponsor me now can go to my justgiving page.
i consider myself a lazy non-sporty type, so this is going to prove very interesting !

we’re very big on regional stereotyping in england. that’s mostly because every single person who live in a particular region really does have a common stereotypical trait.
take this classic cornish chap, shown here on a london cafe sign. he’s displaying classic west cornish behaviour – he’s dressed as a pirate and he’s eating a foot.

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