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January 2008

better than the actual tree


these trees are outside buckingham palace.  they seem to have replaced the bark with a wooden fence.  nice idea.  real trees don’t look wooden enough.


guest glove

princess carmen sent me this glove from Missouri (near Kansas City).  she also sent some lovelovelove which was very welcome !

princess carmen glove.jpg

i’d like a bit of snow, but we usually miss out in southern england which is a shame.

no sleeping


the ideal sign for insomniacs ?  no swimming either by the looks of things.

post office shortage


turns out this is a topical story as post office closures are upon us in greatest of all britains (see here).  a number of closures were announced today.

anyway, i took this photo last week as it was a teeny postbox.  like much smaller than usual.  small enough for a toddler to pop a letter in (which is what they love doing, so is ideal).  it’s also good for the stooping elderly.

when i saw it over a grass verge i thought “wouldn’t it be great to have a person next to it for scale” and suddenly this jogger ran by.  a quick grab of the camera from its holster, shoot, fire, and there you have it.

how computers know things


if you’ve never opened up a computer you’ll be surprised to learn that they get all their knowledge and information by reading newspapers like the daily telegraph.  when you surf the web the computer is actually creating the pages for you based on it’s own experience.

funkypancake only exists in the mind of your computer.  fact.



view from BT Tower


this one is worth clicking for a big view.  it’s the last one from my recent trip, and you can see right out to docklands.

click the picture, or here to download it bigly

here’s another not so big


meanwhile, back in athens

for some reason pictures from Athens seem to be floating to the top of my still-to-post folder.


here’s a wild greek dog .  they are everywhere.  a few even jumped up and barked at me.  i didn’t like that.


this person lives in a little cupboard up the acropolis (i think)


and this is a view.

time for a sit down


randomly, this village bench had a big pink wall clock on it.  it wasn’t even telling the correct time !


kezia’s birthday party


it was kezia’s birthday party yesterday and i’m exhausted.


about the only think i had to do was to cut this banner so it would fit on two lines.  of course i chopped it at the wrong bit and we ended up with ‘happy birth’ on the second line.  ooops.


for the first time ever with our girls we got an entertainer in (as we weren’t sure if our house would be up to the job this year – in fact it was, but hey ho).


the entertainer chap was very good and at one point got the kids to wrap jane and tanya up (it was going to be me, but jane kindly took my place). 


big shout out (as they say) to jane’s mum, tanya and julie for their massive helpage too.


here’s jane’s mum in the giant kitchen


and here’s the pink lady bird cake that jane built


and here’s a picture from before the party where the girls were blowing up lots of balloons