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Monthly Archives: January 2008


when i walked past tate modern yesterday they were dismantling Louise Bourgeois’ spider.


here are some photos i took of it when it was in position


it was interesting that the egg sack was the only recognisable thing


there were lots of leg bits everywhere


and it looked nice with the sun rise lighting st paul’s in the background


lying there it looked like some science fiction thing with its dormant eggs waiting to hatch


of course it would have been easier to catch it in a giant jar and throw it out the front door


or perhaps flush it down the plug hole or chuck it in the thames


work colleague harry recommended i track down the cross bones graveyard about a year ago.


i finally got there yesterday


it’s quite a place. in fact it’s just a fence.  what lies behind is a building site at the moment.


read more here


and the bonus was a geocache where i picked up this delightful travel bug !


i do like hand drier instruction diagrams.  i’d take more pictures of them but i’m always slightly waring of taking photos in public toilets !  this one was a particularly good one (and empty) so i thought i’d share it with you.

the top picture looks like some hand shadow puppetry, and the lower one is very mysterious – look at the finger and the details in the ear.  what IS going on ?

i spotted the poster at the bottom right in a pub on saturday evening when jane and i were having a lovely meal out.  i like the idea of the landlords being as disappointed about the price rise as the punter is.


jane thought i was taking a picture of the poster above it which she thought was bonkers, but i had read but not spotted the implications – who wants a romantic dinner for 4 or more ?

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