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September 2005

guess the stairs
can anyone guess where this is ? it’s a london landmark which costs 2 of your english earth-pounds to go in
more here

rocking chair

here’s a rocking chair on the main road. you’ll probably need to click to inspect the big version as the chair is quite small (i hadn’t time to cross the road as i was rushing for my train in the morning)


it’s number 244. and so is the photo number from my camera which is a bit of a bizarre coincidence.

dale winton

what a delight to see Dale Winton after my unfortunate Nora Batty incident.
he was sitting in the ‘celebrity seat’ outside this cake shop on marylebone high street, exactly where i once saw barbara windsor
i asked him if i could take his photo and he said “of course you can darling” !
pity the photo came out so badly. oh well.


no smoking guide dogs

it’s fine for everyone else to smoke, except guide dogs. of all the dogs available to modern man i would have thought that a guide dog would be the least likely to smoke as it understands better than other dogs about medical related issues.
but i could be wrong. perhaps the pressure of the job gets to them. we know st bernards turn to drink, so perhaps guide dogs find relief through smoking.

no contest

here was a photo duel i just could not win. despite having my big camera AND my little camera in action at the same time i could not compete.
The rules of photo duels clearly state that in the absence of two time stamped still pictures:
* professional camera beats amateur camera
* video camera always beats still camera
* heaviest camera wins
* biggest camera wins
* extra points for flash and extended eye piece
so he won even though he was wearing his tie over his shoulder.