September 2005

litter evangelism

here’s john dropping a load of christian magazines on the floor

here is john picking them up again

who says nothing exciting ever happens in the world of funkypancake ?

vintage hair

if nail salons are stuck in the 80s, hair salons are often living in the 70s.

just look at these chaps:



i’m in vienna for a few days at a conference. did you guess ?
it seems a very friendly place. i was sitting on my own in an outside cafe when a couple of people asked if they could sit down at my table. i said yes and 5 of them turned up (4 of whom are here)
they spoke German to each other so i haven’t got much of an idea what they were talking about, although i did understand when they were talking about cakes. shows how useful my school-boy German was
(or at least how much i listened !)
just as i was leaving i had a little conversation with them and wished i’d talked to them earlier as they seemed jolly nice people. oh well.


there’s a good selection of signs and words on this airplane wing seen high over France. No step seems quite sensible.