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Monthly Archives: December 2004

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sister (in law) binky prepared a range of hot drinks for our boxing day walk (i’m a bit late with some of these pictures aren’t i ?).
she started by arranging the cups in a nice line. hot drink picnics always work best if someone has taken care of the estheticeness.
it was such a cold day that our drinks were very welcome.

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i’ve never really thought about ponchos. perhaps i should have.
i quite liked these matching ponchos which esther and kezia received from their grandma on christmas day. kezia misheard what they were called and ran around telling everyone she had a ‘puncture’.
our neice sarah had been wearing a poncho the day before which prompted kezia to shout out “baby sarah’s got a puncture hasn’t she ?” rather randomly during a meal !
and here is baby sarah (photo taken by esther):

my mum sells christmas decorations to garden centres to sell to people like you and I.
she said yesterday “i need to remember there’s more in life than Christmas decorations”. which i thought was a good quote.
these people who live outside Reading might want to take my mum’s advice !

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my mum came to visit yesterday so we went bowling. esther won (by a long shot).
kezia loved looking down the hole at the side of the lanes so she could see the balls whizzing back. As soon as she’d pushed her ball off she’d throw herself on the floor to see down the gap (and jane would chase after her as seen here)
DSC06109.jpg DSC06112.jpg

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