another nail shop

this nail shop seems to have the same nail sign designer as this other one. stuck in the 80s.


2 thoughts on “another nail shop”

  1. What is with this style of art that nail and hair salons use? I’m curious to know where this store is? I live in Gainesville, Florida and noticed years ago this very phenomena. Salons throughout the US have this type of image (nearly identical to this one) plastered on their windows and street signs. My only guess is that in cosmetology school there must be a semister of “acceptable salon art”. Better yet, I bet one could get the perfect mullet cut at a shop fronting 80s sketch art. Anyways, back to work.

  2. this one was in nottingham i think and the other one is london.
    everything you guys do in the US we eventually do here. so perhaps it just took 20 years for these signs to reach ‘civilisation’ 😉

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